Boatyard Decay

I went for a wander at the weekend to test a new lens and stumbled into a local boatyard. It suddenly became apparent that owning a boat of any kind is basically a constant and losing battle against the elements and particularly, against water.

It seemed a cruel irony that the very environment for which each craft was intended, is also it's most destructive enemy. Every vessel, rusted, rotting and slowly being taken back by the sea. As I walked through, it struck me that the resultant rust colours were really lovely, even the once brightly coloured storage frames, props and equipment were being eaten away too, once small paint scrapes, now a red/brown cancer, spreading over every surface.

Other random detritus lay around the yard, from mattresses to office equipment, these too having reached their final destination, the end of their usefulness. Even 'dry' land was no escape for the once proud boats, the rough tarmac of the yard almost mocking them as each puddle reflected their decaying state.

I may be reading too much into the whole thing and you'll find these images simply boring 'ruin porn' but maybe you'll see the beauty and sadness too.