November 2018 – January 2019

Marking their 10 year anniversary, Unseen shows a specially commissioned study of the ‘unseen’ aspects of the Centre.

Unseen is a two part exhibition occupying Project Spaces A & B.

Fleeting, transient moments, often missed by the casual observer. Fascinating scenes, playing out in real life that are overlooked and often ignored, but that make up the moments of our daily lives.

Project Space A shows my street photography images from around the world. Unseen describes the experience of the photographer, passing unnoticed through a scene, never interfering with the unfolding story, just observing and recording it. Coupled with this are the subtle, often secondary, unseen meanings to be found within each image.

Project Space B shows a specially commissioned study of the ‘unseen’ aspects of the Centre – exhibition change-overs, art-handling, packing, display and the incredibly dedicated and skilled work it takes to bring the exhibitions to life.

ruthin craft centre

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