Since starting this challenge less than a week ago, I'm far from happy with the results overall, a couple of images have been ok – the 2nd and 3rd but beyond that, they've been uninspiring and well... a bit crap, just grabbed snaps rather than truly considered photographs. Today's is no exception, it's just a fun little street snap which takes a second to see what's going on but it's not a shot I'm proud of or is worthy of being on here. The problem is I'm taking me camera out with me while doing other the things and hoping to stumble across interesting things to shoot, I'm not planning, thinking or really 'making' shots, I'm just 'taking' them. This is the last of the mediocre shots in this challenge, I'm making a determined effort to do better, to try harder, I promise.


There's no point in explaining this image too much, it should be immediately apparent, if not I've kind of failed. What I saw was the circularity of life, how we all eventually end up, exactly where we started.

From a photographic perspective, there's lots wrong with this image, the first little girl looking straight down the lens, the dad's head being cut off and the general lack of any sort of dynamic structure to the composition, it's very square on and from a slightly dull head-height viewpoint. If I had been more on-the-ball I would maybe have crouched down, taken more time over the composition but that's street photography, fleeting moments present themselves and you have to be ready, more than ready, you have to see them unfolding ahead of time and grab them.

My settings were a bit off too, a total rookie error, walking into the shopping centre from shooting outside and not quickly enough adjusting for the indoor lighting conditions – I know better than that but that's what this month is all about, practice and learning.

We all end up exactly where we started.

We all end up exactly where we started.


I saw this little guy on a small pier while walking today. I thought I would see how far I could push the negative space in the composition... admittedly, this is too far really, it's a bit daft but I sort of like it.