Light Leaks

After everything I've said in earlier posts about e(vil)bay 35mm film cameras being incredible value and Lomo being hipster-nonsense, I received some processed film back yesterday and this is what I learned: 1. Not all inexpensive 35mm camera's from ebay are in perfect working order (that should have been obvious right?) and 2. Light leaks and unpredictable results can be cool after all.

The camera in question was clearly in need of new seals, something I suspected when using it for the first time. While the film was away I replaced the seals myself, which, when you see the images below you'll agree was the right thing to do... however, these images are some of my favourite shots taken on film so far. I can't adequately explain why, what characteristics make them appealing, I just know that I like them... and that I regret having fixed it. 

I've put two further films through it since which are currently being processed, I sort of hope I've made a mess of replacing the seals and they still leak a little – there's every chance of this as I've not done it before but I did try to do a good job, only time will tell.