It may well just be my age and I appreciate I may be completely alone in this view but I'm going to say it anyway... I don't understand the modern obsession with selfies, they are a complete mystery to me. We're living in a glorious age, where we each take for granted, the powerful cameras we're so fortunate to have in our phones, what a time to be alive. So with all that photographic power in our pockets and the world being such a complex, beautiful, fascinating place, filled with extraordinary people and sights, what do we choose to photograph? Ourselves, yup, we turn the camera around and snap our own gormless faces, gurning and pouting, searching for the one that makes us look the most attractive. Not such a great time to be alive after all, just a sad time of vanity and narcissism, squandering the incredible tools we've been given and the photographic opportunities they afford us. 

As I mentioned right up front, I suspect this might just be a trend that has escaped me as I've seen too many summers but I can't help thinking what a terrible waste it all is. 

Until Friday the amount of selfies I'd taken was exactly zero, none, not one, then while working in my studio, I took two minutes to shoot myself. The resultant shot is below, and how awkward it is too, I couldn't even bare to look directly at the camera, the side profile somehow more comfortable for me (even with my somewhat Roman nose!)  

I suspect my selfie count will stay at one for ever now, I've not been bitten by the selfie bug, nor do I feel the need to try to make myself look good, I'm happy with my slightly solemn and honest side-selfie, however unflattering.