Hello there. My name is Stephen Heaton and I'm a creative, professional photographer based on the beautiful island of Anglesey in North Wales. I'm also a partner in Ato-Store and Consultant at Lawn Creative in Liverpool – I shoot products, people, places and events... well, pretty much anything really. 

This all started while on holiday as a small child in the late 70's, I found a lovely little Kodak film camera in it's leather case, which had been left on top of a pinball machine in an amusement arcade. I handed it in to the local police station, then waited impatiently as the two week claim period ticked by, it felt like a lifetime. Back then if nobody claimed lost property, you could keep it. Amazingly, nobody did and it was mine! I couldn't believe it. This was my first experience of photography and back then, taking pictures and getting them processed at my local chemists each week felt like some kind of miracle or magic trick, it was so exciting. 

I've loved photography ever since and I've lost non of that wide-eyed excitement – for me, photography is the perfect collision of science and art. I enjoy the equipment, the process, the technical challenges, the people I meet, just the sheer joy of taking and making images.

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